In this article I will try to uncover the way to identify and track users facebook fake account, here I will explain in simple article in order to be easy to understand.

Perhaps among one of the readers have experienced transgressions of fake facebook users or people who do not like you with your way of terror. Previously, I explain first how to determine a fake facebook account:
1. Normally, the profile photo, album are edited by Photoshop.

2. Usually, tend to wear a profile photo is beautiful and sexy woman.

3. Wearing photo handsome male profile.

4. Usually, fake facebook id not like uploading photos of himself.

5. likes write status are less worthy or less polite.

6. Info data is owned incomplete and unclear.

The second step to track the fake facebook account are:
This method is very effective and the best stop the act of fake facebook id, you can use the >> IP address (device's user id) -GPS-Mail.

1. Please sign in or log in to the email account that you connect with the network facebook for example: Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hot Mail, Ymail and others ...

2. Turn on the email settings to display the email header so that the data information is sent from the facebook can be performed accurately.

3. Enable the notification settings on facebook so that you always send e-mail inbox of all the activities of friends, such as friends for status, comment the status of your, or a friend who send your inbox and others.

4. Now it's time you start looking for targets fake facebook users, or also that you merely suspect that facebook id is very suspicious of your own.

5. Send a message to the inbox on facebook fake id, and look for ways? So fake facebook friends you were willing to reply to your inbox.

6. After her (fake facebook) has replied to your inbox, continue to open the entry in your email inbox (Yahoo, Gmail).

7. Find an incoming message from Facebook in the form of code: Facebook >> from (en facebook fake) --- {OTcuODMuMjEuMjM}.

8. Continue to convert the code into a plain text OTcuODMuMjEuMjM through base64.com.

9. Record the ID code of the user address (it is a fake facebook id accurate data).

10. For the last step please do enter tracking IP addresses, either through google tracking, then there will come (get) the address of accurate location data, and also the tool that is in use for example PC, LAPTOP, PHONE HAND, IPAD of id Facebook fake through geographically.

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Everyone has different tastes when surfing the internet using Mozilla browser. There are like full screen view and nobody likes plain view. All certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each.

To make the screen appear full screen Mozilla Firefox is very easy , you just press the tool bar that reads MOZILLA upper left of the screen continues to select and click on FULL SCREEN or press F11. However, if anyone feels difficulty Mozilla returns to normal display, the following way:

1. Right-click in an empty area on the tool bar,
2. Then click exit full- screen mode.

It’s easy right?

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In this discussion I will explain how to access the MySQL server that are on different computers. Mysql default does not allow other users to access outside pc is installed, therefore, to access the MySQL database server itself from outside the host, we have to change a few settings mysql itself (my.cnf). and add the settings in iptables. As do the following:

1. First we need to edit the configuration file to accept and bind mysql remote connection to your server. How to do this by editing your my.conf file located on unix systems in / etc / my.conf or / etc / mysql / my.conf.
Example Run through the terminal:

vmlokal @ hobit: ~ $ sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf then change the default bind-address ( in the locker with your eth0 ip (ip customize to your local area network.
# Instead of skip-networking the default is now to listen only on
# Localhost the which is more compatible and is not less secure.
bind-address =

After that save and restart the service mysql-server.
Examples in ubuntu:
vmlokal @ hobit: ~ $ sudo restart /etc/init.d/mysql

2. Now we make remote configuration for mysql, we have to give access to this server to another machine. Example:
mysql -uroot -pMyPass
# Grant permissions to the root from any host:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *. * TO root @ '%' IDENTIFIED BY 'mypassword';

3. Now the root user has been granted access from any host, now add the iptables for port 3306 to receive input from outside the host. Examples root login via:
/ Sbin / iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -destination-port 3306 -j ACCEPT

4. After that we try with mysql client application to try to test the connection from outside the host, here I use navicat as mysql client application.

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For a webmaster know the ins and outs as well as a series of web systems is quite important. At least, to learn how to the system work to be able to detect early damage throughout the system as possible.

Abongo a powerful new Webmaster Tool kit is free Webmaster Tools and Investigative Reports Including enhanced DNS, Provider, Whois, World Ping, Tracert and more from thirteen locations around the world that is very useful is able to display the location of a complete web server with a DNS address, host, Whois and Pagerank in search engines like Google and others.

Many Organizations change how they present content based on the user's geolocation. To see an example of this in action, do an investigation of BMW.com DNS Abongo. Then cycle through the various spiders using the city search links in the header and you'll see how BMW changes how it presents content based on where the query comes from. To the best of my knowledge, Abongo is the only tool in the world that can show this sort of thing.

To runis very easy, just visit Abongo and enter the name of the web to be studied. Then press a tab key to find out the address of the DNS as DNS, Whois to find out the name of the owner of the web as well as other important information.

One of the advantages of Abongo is able to display the information as accurate as possible with a simple display, making it easy to learn and understand the system that works on the web, so that we can emulate.

In other words, through Abongo we can know the location of the name server, web server, email server, even if there's a sub-domain. By knowing the location of the server then we can choose the best location for our website server.

In addition to very useful for webmasters, information displayed http://abongo.com particularly useful for prospective advertisers who will advertise. With the help Abongo, the Advertiser will not go wrong choosing the web as a place of installation of the ad so that it can effectively and efficiently. Good luck!

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If you are happy with a song on youtube that are still in the form of videos and want to download it in MP3 form, the following steps are pretty easy.

Visit the web: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ Then enter the url in the box convert. Then press the Convert button, wait until the download is complete.

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