Creating landscape photographs with foreground boat, sometimes making the photographers difficulty in determining the proper angle viewfinder for adjusting the position of the boat with the open sea landscape background. Especially, if the photographer wanted a visual display that match or at least closer to the concept that has been reflected in the idea. So what's the solution? It's easy, but it takes time and patience:

1. Take picture not on the first visit to the site, to get a full understanding of locations ranging from the direction of the sun rising and setting, character waves and surface currents, the position of reefs and distant islands, seas horizon or there are some parts of the mainland such as palm trees that lined, mangrove, etc.

2. Get to know the fishermen at the site, especially the owner of the boat. There is usually a boat owner himself, and fishermen who operate often different people with boat owners. Minimal acquainted with fishing boats have the right set of positions that we wish to make the foreground, if it is to get familiar with the boat owner needs more time.

3. Strive introduction to fishing at the site has a very good quality, because the quality of this introduction we can ask them to put the boat according to the concept that we want, not just photographing a boat that was leaning against the risk of spurious composition also look spurious.

4. Do not hesitate to shell out tens or hundreds of thousands in the process of this introduction: to buy cigarettes or other things that can bind either the introduction. Even if the quality of introduction has been a friendship, they will be easily as well as a natural models for our photographs, including driving the boat in a position that we want for the sake of a photo concept, including they will give a lot of information about the special moments in nature location we do not know or we are unable to estimate even armed with our knowledge of the geology, geography, measure wind speed and direction etc. Including them is necessarily willing to take us to the cool spots that we never knew before.

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Skype is a communications program with peer to peer technology that allows us to make phone calls (video calls), chat, file transfer to other Skype users all over the world when we are connected to the Internet.

Facilities vary on Skype are free and some are paid, all depending on the sophistication of the facility. However, the most popular of all these facilities is the ‘video call’ that allows us to speak via video with our speaker. To use the facility, the following tutorial:
1. Go to Registration page at
2. Fill in the registration form there (If there is trouble, do not hesitate to ask)
3. The contents of all cultivated, but which required only that there is the star sign (*)
4. When finished, click "I Agree - Continue"
5. After that you will be offered if you want to buy credits, credits the goal here so that we can call to HP or a home phone. If you do not want to, just select "No thanks, I'd like to download"
6. We go to the download step. Download skype at, and then install.

Next, install an additional program called SplitCam through the following steps:
1. SplitCam program download (searching ) on Google or download from
2. SplitCam program installed on the laptop.
3. Attach an external camera via firewire or USB. And press the source button to connect with the camera.

And then, open an internet connection with a signal up/down at least 1.2 MGB. Open skype. And input id Continues. Settings to open the tool.... and video settings... to then open skype connection to connect with SplitCam After that stage carried live call video call to the destination id.. good luck!

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Incidentally yesterday I installed windows 7 professional with new original license, but since Microsoft is hard at circuited to ask for the product key, I tried using win7 Loader. The result is certainly active, but its different license.

Finally I can the original License from Microsoft, so I had to deactive or uninstall the previous serial number before and replaced with the original license.

To uninstall windows 7 serial number:
1. Go to command prompt - Start -> Accessories -> cmd
2. Type = slmgr.vbs / upk
3. Press Enter
after the dialog box "successfully", then my windows is not genuine :)
Let's avoid piracy!.

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To peek online visitors without having to look directly from a blog, it can be done through the firefox browser. One useful Firefox Add Ons to know visitors are online without having to look directly into the blog. The Add Ons name is Users Online Counter.

This Add Ons only works for users who use the Pro facilities. whether it can used for free user? Yes it can be, as long as visitors online banner inserted into the blog, it is useful to look at his ID code because we are not registered as a pro user.

The steps are:

1. First download the add ons at:

2. After restart Firefox and re-open the browser Firefox, the add ons menu option is content with id codes that have previously been installed on the blog and click on the banner, just remember the code alone (12 character letters and numbers).

3. Try refresh firefox and see the online user on the bottom right corner, you can see how many visitors are online at the moment without having to see the blog that you have.

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Portable Software is an application that can be run without requiring installation on the system. He was made for use with such External Portable Hard Disk Drive, USB, MP3 player or PDA. This software is usually packed in a compact package and the form can be executed only by one click. He works alone without touching the registry system, so the system cleaner.

Characteristics of Portable Software

An application can be regarded as a minimum Portable Software should have the following three characteristics:

• Does not require installation on a local computer. So it can be stored in such External Portable Storage Disk, USB, MP3 player and PDA.

• Do not write a new registry and not changing settings on the system. Even if he makes the configuration file (eg: INI file), will be stored in the current directory.

• Do not leave a trail of memory and files on the computer after use. Log files will be stored for use in the current directory. Moved into Portable Software Is a computer application that we use existing portable version of her? Just do on Google search for the answer. Just type "your_software_name_ portable" on Google, we may be surprised that the portable version of the software is already exists.

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