Combine multiple text files into one text file would be troublesome especially if you file a lot and do it manually. There is an easy way to incorporate a text file into a text file with a simple command from the command prompt.

Here are the steps: • Save the files to be combined into a single folder For example, I save the files in a folder with the name Merger on drive D

• Then go to the Command Prompt

• After performing the screen Command Prompt Type D: and press Enter (because the folders stored on drive D)

• Type CD Merger (as I called Merge folder) and press Enter

• Then type the following code: for% f in (*. txt) do type "% f" >> united.txt (example here, Gabungan.Txt is the name of the output file, free up our name)

• Press Enter The merger will take place automatically

• Open the folder to view the results.


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