5 sites will be very useful for Twitter administrator and general Twitter users. So they can work more effectively. The facilities are such as auto tweet, retweet auto, auto replay, auto re-follow and so forth.

The workings of the 5 sites, nearly are same, which begins the process of registers, allow new applications and start the setup (setup) the parts needed. Here are the 5 sites:

1. Twittbot: have the auto tweet, auto replay, time tweet. For time tweets tweet you could arrange to be terposting. Usually this handy download tweetkan routine activities such as prayer schedules, meeting schedules, and so forth.

2. Hootsuit: Facility for auto tweets are quite familiar. In fact, Hootsuit can also work for more than one Twitter account. Besides, it also features Track statistics that allows users to track new follower and unfollow anyone.

3. Twitter Feed: in addition to providing an auto tweet, Twitter feeds can also connect to social media Facebook, so it could work for two social media simultaneously. You simply set up RSS feeds for send tweets or Facebook status update.

4. Twitter Spinner: equipped with the facility to change the avatar picture profile automatically and scheduled so that it looks up to date.

5. Feedburner: This site specialist auto tweets from your blog / website. So by entering the site feed url, then all post updates from the site will be updated as the tweet on twitter.


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